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Buy BestSync License

Incredible features.
Extremely easy to use

Incredible features.
Extremely easy to use

BestSync 2014

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If you use BestSync for synchronizing and backup local files, the Free License is enough.

The best sync tool I ever used
BestSync is one of the best sync tools available at this point. It has some of the most important characteristics: it is fast, reliable, safe, easy to use and understand and affordable.
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The 1st license can be used on 2 computers!! (include virtual PCs).

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1   US$12.95 US$25.95 US$42.95 US$64.95
2 10.0% off US$11.66 US$23.36 US$38.66 US$58.46
3~5 15.0% off US$11.01 US$22.06 US$36.51 US$55.21
6~9 20.0% off US$10.36 US$20.76 US$34.36 US$51.96
10~14 25.0% off US$9.71 US$19.46 US$32.21 US$48.71
15~20 29.0% off US$9.19 US$18.42 US$30.49 US$46.11
21~30 33.0% off US$8.68 US$17.39 US$28.78 US$43.52
31~40 37.0% off US$8.16 US$16.35 US$27.06 US$40.92
41~50 41.0% off US$7.64 US$15.31 US$25.34 US$38.32
51~60 45.0% off US$7.12 US$14.27 US$23.62 US$35.72
61~70 49.0% off US$6.60 US$13.23 US$21.90 US$33.12
71~80 53.0% off US$6.60 US$12.20 US$20.19 US$30.53
81~90 57.0% off US$6.60 US$11.16 US$18.47 US$27.93
91~100 61.0% off US$6.60 US$10.12 US$16.75 US$25.33
101~200 65.0% off US$6.60 US$9.08 US$15.03 US$22.73
201~ For site license and special pricing, please contact

Buy BestSync License

The license will never be expired on BestSync 2014/2015!

The Basic License will never be expired on the future versions!

The same license works both on 32 bit version and 64 bit version.

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BestSync needs not it!

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